NCJF recipient of new grants for 2016

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North Carolina Jazz Festival (NCJF) is pleased to announce being the recipient of the following grants for 2016
• North Carolina Grassroots for $3,000
. Landfall Foundation for $2,000

North Carolina Jazz Festival will use this money for three educational programs consisting of seven free Master Classes for music students, a concert/workshop at Snipes Academy, and one at D.C.Virgo Preparatory Academy.  Over 650 students in all are expected to participate.  These programs will help the music students and middle school students learn more about jazz music from professional musicians, add to their enjoyment of learning and create audiences of the future.  For some students, this will be their initial introduction to jazz and may encourage them to play a musical instrument or at least expand their understanding and appreciation of jazz.  Following the master classes, those students will be invited to attend the Friday evening performance (at no charge) where they will see/hear their master class teachers, along with the other all-star musicians of the North Carolina Jazz Festival, present world class jazz!



I would like to contribute $_________toward tickets for a student(s) who participates in the NCJF Student Master Class program to attend that evening’s concert.

The students who participate in the Master Classes appreciate and have a great respect for the “world-class musicians” who donate their time to teach these jazz classes.  After the Master Classes, students can have an opportunity to see the musicians performing live on stage.  The students benefit greatly by watching these musicians play jazz together and to see what the North Carolina Jazz Festival is all about!

This year’s master class teachers will be Nate Najar (guitar), Bria Skonberg (trumpet), Adrian Cunningham (reeds), Dion Tucker (trombone), Jonathan Russell  (violin), Chuck Redd (percussion), and Herman Burney (bass).

In many instances the North Carolina Jazz Festival will be the first time these young musicians will have been exposed to a live jazz event.  So we thank you for making this possible, for it may have a direct influence on a budding talent and help keep the future of jazz alive!

All Master Class Supporters will be listed in the 2015 NCJF program booklet as donors to our jazz youth program.  If you prefer not to have your name  included in the list please note.


Donor Name_______________________________________________________


E-mail address______________________________________________________

Phone #___________________________________________________________

Please note here if you do not want to be listed as a donor__________________  

 Please make checks payable to NCJF, with a notation “for master class students”                                     

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