Archives for December 2012

NCJF to increase number of workshops/master classes

The 2013 festival musicians  will offer 4 workshops for local music students.  Bucky Pizzarelli – guitar; Jonathan Russell – violin; Bria Skonberg – trumpet; and Adrian Cunningham – reeds & flute.  These will be held at the Hilton Riverside on Friday, Feb. 8, from 4 to 6 pm.  Those interested should contact Laura Crane – (910)297.7727 or Tina Jacobs – (910) 232.4719 for details.

NCJF online store announces pre-event sale

Order your NCJF shirts, jackets, or other logoed items now and wear them to the festival in February!  Check out the banner above the awning on our storefront for the special code that will enable you to get the sale price for your order – be sure to type the code in where asked.

Jazz Art Donation For 2013 NCJF Raffle

It is a marvelous happening when an artist in one medium volunteers his or her art to help support an art form in another medium!  This is exactly what happened when a gentleman from Vermont attended the North Carolina Jazz festival. 

Paul Stone, a visual artist who creates beautiful images in both watercolor and oil, lives in Grafton Vt. And Topsail Island, NC.   After attending a performance of the NCJF, he contacted one of our board members and volunteered to donate a painting for our annual festival raffle.  This would be an oil painting created especially for the 2013 North Carolina Jazz Festival!

Mr. Stone has titled his artwork “Collaboration…an improvisation on a photograph by the late, great William Claxton”, 1927-2008, one of jazz’s most dedicated photographers.