The North Carolina Jazz Festival At Wilmington

by John Ayers –
Printed in Tailgate Ramblings – newsletter of the Potomac River Jazz Club –

In a past issue of the tailgate, Charles Enlind wrote that since the Chattanooga festival has been discontinued, we should divert our attention to the North Carolina Jazz Festival in Wilmington. With that, I decided to give Wilmington a try.

The venue consists of two nights featuring jazz masters from all over including Australia and piano player from Italy. The musicians play in various combinations with each one leading a group. Every performance was superb, and if any combination was favored over another it was only a matter of personal taste. I have to admit a weakness for Honey Bria.

Besides great music, Wilmington has many charms. The water front cafes and historic homes remind one of “Nawlins” and other coastal cities. I highly recommend Wilmington as an alternative festival. Add them to your calendar for next year!

Our thanks to John Ayers for this unsolicited review, and to Charles Enlind for his recommendation – unfortunately John was not aware of our Thursday night “Special Event” which is a part of the NCJF event.