Jazz Education

Jazz Education

The North Carolina Jazz Festival started a jazz education outreach program in 2007 by taking the Thursday evening all-star musicians to a local middle school on Friday to perform a concert/workshop, geared to introducing JAZZ to the children who would be the musicians and/or audiences of the future.  We have continued this practice each year, and have added a second school to the program. In 2017 we will be taking one group of musicians to Roland Grise Middle School and another to Snipes Academy for Music and Arts.


In 2008 we also presented a master class with bassist Herman Burney at Wilmington’s New Hanover High School.

2010 saw the start of our masterclass/workshops at the Hilton Hotel, where local music students and educators were invited to participate  in guitar, violin and trumpet workshops given by our All-Star musicians.

Since than we have expanded the masterclass program to include trombone, percussion, reeds and bass classes. These classes are limited to 20 students each, so are on a first come first serve basis and applications for admission is possible through this website.

For more information in the Jazz Education Workshops & masterclasses please contact Laura Crane:  lauracranebx@gmail.com