Alvin Atkinson

ALVIN ATKINSON, JR. is a six-time Jazz Ambassador, drummer, bandleader, and educator, and has traveled the globe performing America’s classical music. As an Ambassador of Jazz, Alvin possesses the characteristics of a diplomat whether he’s performing in front of a large audience in Saudi Arabia, working with college students in Jordan, or working with middle school children in New York City. He formed Alvin Atkinson and the Sound Merchants in New York City in 2004. The group’s first recording project, Alvin Atkinson and the Sound Merchants, received nominations for “Best International Jazz Song” from the First Annual 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards and “Best Jazz Song” from the Seventh Annual Independent Music Awards in 2007 for the composition “Dance of the Emirates.” The group combines jazz and blues influences with inflections of various rhythms and melodies from around the world. Alvin last performed at the NCJF in 2019.

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