Jim Fryer

jimFryerBefore moving to New York in 2005, trombonist Jim Fryer was for many years a jack of all trades in Connecticut, playing many styles of jazz, Broadway musicals, salsa, and classical music. Now a resident of new York City, Fryer pays concerts and clubs the top classic jazz musicians throughout the region. He holds the trombone chair with Vince Giordano and the Nighthawk, with whom he recently shared a Grammy for work on the Boardwalk Empire sound track. He performs at festivals nationwide with the Titan Hot 7, and tours annually in the UK s a soloist and bandleader. His educational work includes workshop residencies, private instruction, and school concerts via Young Audiences of Connecticut. In addition to his renown as a trombonist, Fryer has attracted notice as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (euphonium & trumpet). For additional bio information, go to www.jimfryermusic.com