Hod O’Brien

hodHOD O’BRIEN was recently recognized by The New Yorker Magazine as a “Master of Jazz, a gifted musician who still speaks be-bop with an authentic accent”. Hod turns 80 in January, 2016 and will kick off his 80th Birthday Tour with his performance at our 36th Annual North Carolina Jazz Festival!

As well as playing in clubs and festivals around the world, Hod will soon be publishing his book of jazz stories from his 80 years of life and 60 years as a professional jazz musician. We hope to have it available at the 2016 festival, as well as a new jazz CD that he is now working on.

To learn more about this Master of Be-bop go to his newly designed website www.hodobrien.com, where all of his currently available CDs are listed, including European and Japanese releases.