Emmet Cohen

A student of the Suzuki Method of Piano Instruction beginning at age 3, Emmet Cohen quickly blossomed into a prodigy, melding musicality, technique and concept at a level of maturity beyond his years. His keyboard artistry has won him international accolades as well as awards at the premier piano competitions, and appearances at renowned jazz events around the world including being received in the Oval Office by President Obama. Cohen regularly plays with Ron Carter , Houston Person and Tootie Heath among others. But, Emmet is also committed to intergenerational transfer of artistic knowledge as a master teacher at the Lincoln Center “Jazz for Young People” and in undertaking the “Masters Legacy Series”, a set of recordings and interviews honoring legendary jazz musicians, the goal of which is to transfer the unwritten folklore that is America’s unique musical idiom. You can get a taste at http://emmetcohen.com/music-1.

Emmet Cohen and his trio are with us this year to accompany Veronica Swift.