Duduka da Fonseca

Growing up in Rio de Janeiro as a teen, Duduka da Fonseca was at ground zero for the bossa nova revolution. His neighbor, well known drummer Joao Palma, paved the way for Fonseca to join the inner circle of drummers in Rio, serving to mentor and inspire him to perform on television and in clubs all over Brazil. His dream was to mix the Brazilian samba that he loved with American jazz. He moved to New York City in 1976, and began working with Astrud Gilberto and others to revive the Brazilian jazz sound in the US. After decades of recording, he has finally achieved at least part of his dream with the recording of Samba Jazz Fantasia, crossing Brazilian styles with a ferocious NYC edge. Duduka is a founding member of Trio da Paz, the popular Brazilian group that travels world wide, but is based in NYC.