Jazz Education Concert/Master Classes: February 2016


On February 5th, 2016 there will be 7 workshops for local students given by: Adrian Cunningham-reeds/woodwinds, Nate Najar-guitar, Chuck Redd-percussion, Jonathan Russell-violin, Bria Skonberg-trumpet,and we will have a trombone workshop given by Dion Tucker.We are also excited to add a bass workshop given by Herman Burney. Many of the students attending the workshops at the Hilton will be given the opportunity to attend Friday evening performance of the North Carolina Jazz Festival. This is made possible by grants and donations to our Jazz education program. The students are always thrilled to see and hear jazz performed by the all-star musician that conducted the workshop.

Please email Laura Crane: lauracranebx@gmail.com ,if you have questions or need information.

North Carolina Jazz Workshop/Assembly
ed3North Carolina Jazz Workshop/Assembly…….This year, we were able to add another concert/workshop at DC Virgo Middle School. There were about 100 students in attendance. Performing for the students were Herman Burney, Vincent Gardner, Dan Levinson, Nate Najar, Chuck Redd, and Bria Skonberg. The students were entranced at the Jazz performance. Each musician took turns improvising with their instrument during their solo. There was even a question and answer part between the students and some of the musicians. Will Smith, the band teacher, expressed his gratitude at having the North Carolina Jazz Festival musicians show the students what Jazz is all about!!!

Student Reviews on The Masterclasses
masterCWebOlivia Allen, sixth grade student at Cape Fear Academy on the reeds master class with Adrian Cunningham, “He was so much fun and easy to talk too! He really helped us how to think about improvising with the notes of the scale in any given key and made us feel really relaxed. We had a great time.”

Maddie Stohl, Hoggard tenth grade student attended master violin class with Jonathan Russell, “I really loved getting to learn a style of music that is totally different from what I normally play. It was really fun getting outside of my comfort zone and trying something new.”

Camden Stohl, eighth grade student at Roland-Grise, “I also loved learning that violins aren’t just for the melody, but that there are many different ways to keep the rhythm and add harmony to the melody with the violin.”